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What language is spoken in Ukraine?

When you came to Ukraine and got to know a Ukrainian lady, you’ve probably promised her to learn the Ukrainian language. Don’t be surprised though if she tells you that she speaks Russian as her mother tongue. Why Russian, you would ask. Why does she speak Russian and not Ukrainian, she is from Ukraine, after all, isn’t she? To answer you without going into too much detail, Ukraine is a very big country and it borders on many other countries. The most Ukrainian is considered to be Western Ukraine with its beautiful city of Lviv. In those parts Ukrainian language differs from classic Ukrainian that is taught in books and nears a dialect. By the way, do you know that the Ukrainian language is very similar to the Polish language? For a Ukrainian person knowing Ukrainian, it is not a problem to start speaking Polish after living there for only a few months. It is not the same with the Russian language though. Ukrainians are, as a rule, bilinguals, but if a Ukrainian speaker tries to say something to a Russian person in Ukrainian, the latter would barely understand anything. Since Eastern Ukraine borders on Russia, the Russian language is spoken there as the first one. However, even if you learn Ukrainian, your efforts won’t be in vain. Since all the schooling is conducted in Ukrainian, everybody will understand you.